Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tolani Scarves....To Be Continued


It is Steph here from my couch in NYC (it sure is a glamorous life I lead--ha!) We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our Tolani scarves on the Lower East Side and in Brookline. You Cambridge girls sure are lucky to have them already at your fingertips! At 100% viscose these scarves are light enough to be worn in the spring and summer but also add fashion and warmth in the winter--especially for those of you who don't like scratchy wool near your face.

Anyway, I wanted to share a little story about how we found these stunning new scarves. In November, Brooke and I surprised Hillary Olk Dutcher (formerly of designsbyhillary) for her birthday at her new house in St.Louis. Not only did we get to spend the weekend with our dear friend but we got to shop at her newly re-opened Ivy Hill Boutique! Check out Hill's gorgeous store website at:

Ivy Hill is absolutely breathtaking and B and I took our sweet time savoring every single nook and cranny of the shop while of course buying up a storm! Let's just say the Nist and Garber women (and assorted friends) had a very Ivy Hill Christmas and they couldn't have been happier! I picked out a Tolani zig zag scarf for my mom and she just loved it. She was beaming when she wore it out the day after Christmas. As for me, I was sad because I didn't have one of my own! Thanks for introducing us to these fabulous new scarves Hill! You sure did learn from the best!


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