Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You'd better come quickly!

Hats! Gloves! Scarves! They are FLYING out the door! Rach and I are in awe of how quickly they are selling, like little hot cakes, i tell you.
Between Wooden Ships, San Diego Hat Company, and Free People, you are bound to find the perfect piece to highlight your favorite oldie or show off your brand new goodie!
Hurry into Cambridge, Brookline, or LES to pick out your darling set before they disapear, or before it gets too terribly frigid!
xoxo shg

Next Stop: Harvard Square

Hi Everyone!

It is Steph. Greetings from a lovely day before Thanksgiving in the Lower East Side. Clearly I am blasting the "Dreamgirls" soundtrack as I have been since I opened the store at 11 am this morning. I think it has now played about 4 times. Ahhh, I just can't get enough! The girls know that nothing makes me happier (and them sadder) than belting "Love You I Do" at the top of my lungs. I am certain they are all thankful that I am in NYC during this current show tunes phase.

The exciting news today is that Mint Julep Cambridge is featured in today's "Next Stop" series. Please check out the video by clicking on the link below:

Obviously there was no way I was going to be able to just upload the video onto this blog so if this link does not work you can simply go to and find the video on the home page. You will be pleased to see our amazing Harvard Square manager Rachel "Rocky" Wentworth and our dear Sara Graham featured in the video alongside the stunning Mint Julep.

Enjoy this little tidbit of Mint Julep wherever you are for the holidays and of course Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at MJ! We LOVE you and have much to be thankful for....

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

As Thanksgiving approaches, we would like to compile a list of all the things that Mint Julep Lower East Side has brought into our lives this autumn that make us thankful.

Above all, EACH OTHER!

New friends!

New explorations. Mintz's trip out to Jersey City (just yesterday!) and Sam's trip to Brooklyn! From the LES to Jersey City to Brooklyn, we have discovered some of our new favorite places: Tre, the restaurant next door to Mint Julep (YUM!), Marco Pepe, a French restaurant in J.C. that serves the best Sangria, and one of our new favorite boutiques around the corner from Mintz's apartment in Williamsburg, Pop!

New customers! And our new favorite greyhound, Bill Clinton. (That's really his name!)

Brooke and Steph, of course!

To everyone who has welcomed us into the LES and everyone who has visited us here in the big apple, we are thankful for YOU!

Mintz & Sam

Thursday, November 20, 2008

White and Warren Jersey Travel Wraps

These White and Warren Travel Wraps are 100% cotton and come in four juicy colors: amethyst, freesia, orange topaz and lemon quartz. As you can see, they can be worn many ways, which makes them the perfect for travel. Wrap yourself in soft, cozy cotton for only $86. Dimensions: 36" wide by 78" long.

You're Such a Stud!

We're always on the hunt for fun accessories and these Ca-Cao studded leather wraparound bracelets really tickled our fancy. Rock and roll, but still posh and girlie. Just like the Julep girls! So much fashion for only $42.

Late Breaking News!

Tonight Only!
Join us for the Lower East Side
Holiday Happy Hour Shopping Event

6 pm to 9 pm
Mint Julep
173 Ludlow Street

20% off everything!
* excluding jewerly

I might not freeze this winter after all!

I am very comfortable with my position as the sole Californian at Mint Julep. It is inevitable that I will have to wear more layers, turn the heat higher and look more like a snowman during the next five months than any of the other Juleps. However, Odd Molly has come to my rescue this winter, once again! This year, in addition to their STUNNING ski parkas, they came up with the greatest idea for winter accessories; arm warmers! You know that swing coat or cape you just bought that you now feel you can't wear because it leaves your arms exposed to the frigid East Coast air? Now you can! Just slip these arm or wrist-warmers on your bare arms, or, over your long-sleeved shirt for a splash of color and style that will also keep you nice and toasty on your walk from one place to another! You will certainly see me out and about with them on...that is, if you can see me at all under all my layers! xoxo, Rachel K.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

and I do a little turn on the catwalk...

Some of our gorgeous Julep girls were recently part of the Dare to Wear Harvard Square Fashion Show. Despite the frigid temperatures and massive amounts of hairspray, we had a total blast.

Getting ready!

Right before the show.

Shining in the spotlight after the show!

A Treat for the Petite

To my fellow petite girls,

We both know that it's never easy finding jeans that don't need to be hemmed. But don't just take it from me-- In Style magazine featured both the Dita Petite fit jean by Citizens of Humanity AND the Joe's Jean Provacateur in this month's issue! In a spread entitled "A Jean for Every Body," they stated:

"Insiders know that the BEST FIT for compact, hourglass shapes comes from the Joe's Jean Provacateur. They're designed with more room in the thighs and butt."

Not only are both of these styles cut with a shorter inseam, but they will are also made to fit a petit bod through the legs as well. Come in to any of our locations to check them out for yourself!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sounds of Mint Julep

Ever wonder what you're bopping along to as you shop at Mint Julep? Check out some of our favorite tunes!

Lightenings Girl by NANCY SINATRA
Margaret And Pauline by NEKO CASE
Riga Girls by THE WEEPIES
J'en Connais by CARLA BRUNI
Where Do You Go To (My Lovely) by PETER SARSTEDT
City Wide Rodeo by THE WEEPIES
Midnight Train To Georgia by GLADYS NIGHT & THE PIPS
3 x 5 by JOHN MAYER
Why Georgia by JOHN MAYER
The Good That Won't Come Out by RILO KILEY
Extraordinary Machine by FIONA APPLE
Most Wanted by ALAN BRAXE
Cinnamon Girl by NIEL YOUNG
The Man Who Sold The World by DAVID BOWIE
Is You Or Is You Ain't My Baby by DINAH WASHINGTON

MJ Goes International!

Check out our latest press! Sent to us in a shiny white bag all the way from Japan, this edition of LOOKS magazine features an article on Mint Julep LES. I was interviewed by the editor only days after MJ Ludlow opened its doors... and here's the issue, hot off the press.

Now if we could only get someone to translate what is says...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hey Boston Moms! Need a Babysitter?

Many of our customers are first time moms and you've told us how hard it is to breakaway for a night out. Who will watch your little one while you go to dinner, a party or a movie? How do you find a sitter you can trust? Many of you have asked us if we know any sitters, so when we were approached about hosting this event, we were really excited.

Come, Shop, Mingle and Connect with babysitters you can trust and depend on.

WHERE: Mint Julep located at 1302 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA
WHEN: Sunday, November 16 from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.
COST $75 Pre-Registration is Required
Visit to sign up!


Our unique babysitter service connects Moms with the area’s best sitters...FACE to FACE.
At each event you’ll also receive The Sitter Guide filled with important information about each local sitter. Nanny services are expensive and interviewing sitter after sitter, is tiring and time consuming...that’s where we come in!

We host events to bring the areas best sitters together with local moms. You'll meet a group of top notch college students looking for part-time or occasional babysitting jobs.

The moms and sitters get to know one another with both formal introductions and lots of one on one mingling. An informational binder, The Sitter Guide™, is given to each mom with the sitter's experience, references, hourly rate, availability, and much more information, with lots of room for note taking. You get to connect with an impressive group of sitters in a short amount of time. Then you leave with The Sitter Guide™ and have access to a whole book of sitters (that you have met) to contact when you get home!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Birds of a Feather...

All the birds might be flying south for the winter, but that doesn't mean you can't keep them close to your heart while they are gone! Check out this fun new necklace by Pistachio that just arrived in the Brookline and Cambridge stores. Five polished brass bird silhouette charms are hung in a way that resembles a flying flock of birds. This necklace is a statement piece on its own, or would be perfect for layering. Hurry in to get yours! They have been flying out of the store...! :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

A seasonal SG favorite!

We have so many lovely MJ shoppers... one very special lady from Arkansas (who's name i didn't get! curses! ) overheard RW and I seeking the perfect pumpkin bread recipe... A bit later she was back on Church Street with the following delight:

In a large bowl, mix by hand:
- 3 cups sugar
- 3 eggs
- 1 cup canola or vegetable oil

Add to the above mixture....
- 1 cup pumpkin, regular size
- 2 tsp. allspice
- 2 tsp. cinnamon
- 1 tsp. nutmeg

In a separate bowl, mix the following:
- 3 cups flour
- 1/2 tsp. baking soda
- 2 tsp. baking powder

Add dry ingredients to liquid ingredients, one cup at a time. Be sure to mix well!
Grease pan and dust with flour. (makes 3 loaves)
Bake at 350 for 35 minutes. Then bake at 300 for 20 minutes.

Sounds delicious, right???? enjoy :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Some cutie pies from the racks...

Be the star of your holiday party in this strapless dress by Shoshanna.

Crazy for color block in the dress by Molly New York!

This sweater by Beth Bowley is warm enough to be a fall coat, so cute.

Beth Bowley hit the nail on the head with this space dye sweater dress that goes from day to night with ease.
This sophisticated strapless dress by Shoshanna works well for a fall wedding, a holiday mixer or a summer cocktail party. So versatile.

White + Warren Cashmere Wraps

These loose jersey knit 12 gauge cashmere wraps are always a Mint Julep seasonal favorite, but the truth is, they are great year round. Whether you're wearing it as a scarf to keep warm or a wrap for a cool summer night, they are pure lux! In addition to the solid colors, this year they have added the trendy ombre fades for the lady who already has it all.

Don't forget... the holidays are right around the corner and these make a great gift for someone you really love! Solids are $156 and the ombres are $186. Dimensions: 75" x 20"

Sam's Favorite Things!

This amazing dress by Tibi is one of my favorites because of its vibrant color and adorable RUFFLES! Paired with a pair of tights and boots, it's the perfect party dress.
I adore this Chris and Jamie plaid jacket because of its bright red plaid print.Not often this season have I come across a red plaid quite like this one! The collar on this coat is what I really love, it definitely gives something special to this more simple coat style.

Of course, this Shoshanna dress is one of my favorites! The color, gold button detail and gorgeous print makes me weak in the knees. I want to wear it out for a night on the town to a fancy NYC night spot!

They're Baaaack!!

Everyone's Favorite Aunt Sadie's Candle-- Tree in a Can (Pine scent)

Greetings from Ludlow Street on this beautiful sunny Saturday, November 1. It is Steph here posting my very first blog and nothing could be more fitting for me than writing about Tree in a Can. Now, I wouldn't say I ever was a candle person before Aunt Sadie's. Sure, did I think burning a candle at a party or an event was a nice touch? Of course--but I never thought I would do it myself. Maybe it was because I grew up always hearing about the dangers of candles and how they could start major fires if you forgot to blow them out. Or maybe it was just because I wasn't "together enough" to have a home that burned candles on a regular basis (For any of you who have been to Claflin Road over the years--this needs no further explanation). Regardless, I remember about two and a half years ago when I first had an epiphany that I should become a candle person. I was at Hillary Olk Dutcher's (of dbh jewelry fame) engagement party in Wellesly at the lovely home of her in-laws Ray and Peg Dutcher. I went to use the bathroom and much to my delight I walked into a wonderfully aromatic space due to a single candle burning on the sink. What a fabulous idea I thought. When hosting an event where lots of people are going to be using the restroom--why not burn a candle to keep things smelling fresh? I want to do that!

As the holiday season began and we received our order of candles, I became obsessed. There were so many uses all of the sudden for candles in my life. They were the perfect housewarming or party gift. A great pick me up for the senses in the doldrums of the winter. Perfect for dieters who practice "smelling" caloric delicacies instead of eating them. And, they are gender neutral. What man doesn't love a chocolate candle (although they might never admit it)?

This leads me right into the introduction of the biggest candle fan out there-- my very own 65 year old dad. Now, let me preface this with the idea that before we opened Mint Julep over 4 years ago I highly doubt he even knew what a candle was. I'm not sure exactly what it was about the Aunt Sadie's candles that he fell in love with, but he fell and he fell hard. I would often get calls at work from him asking me if we had sold any candles yet and what scents people were buying. When he was happy with that info he would then call to ask if we had gotten any new scents in and what they were. "Can you believe that pine scent Stephie? It smells just like an actual tree!"

When he would come to Boston to visit the stores it was his chance to partake in his favorite activity--the candle game. Now all of our staff and maybe even some of our customers know this game. It consists of Dad asking you to close your eyes, while he holds up a candle to your nose and says "Guess which scent this one is?" He can play this game for hours which always amazes people to say the least because we usually only have 6 scents in stock and our staff is familiar with all of them! Usually by the end of his visit he has me wrap up a few candles in individual bags for him to bring home as "gifts." "Bob!!" my mom always yells. "We don't need any more candles." To which he replies, " I know Judy. These are gifts." That being said, the last time I was at my parent's house these "gifts" still remained intact on the basement stairs.

And so it goes...Aunt Sadie's had managed to turn our family into candle people. Now none of our holidays are complete without one burning a glorious scent. Please stop by and check out our new selection of Aunt Sadie's candles including: chocolate, rosemary, apple pie, gingerbread, pine, and lemonade to name a few. And if you happen to encounter an older man with a moustache asking you to close your eyes and sniff a candle-- don't be afraid--it's just my dad having the time of his life at Mint Julep!

Our First Ever Jacket Sale!

When we go to the buying shows, our vendors are always surprised at how many jackets we buy, but we tell them that our stores are in the Northeast and people wear jackets eight months out of the year (and sometimes it feels like longer!).

So, in celebration of super long winters, we've decided to have a jacket sale at all three of our locations from November 2nd - November 8th. From Ben Sherman to Odd Molly to Free People to Beth Bowley, all jackets will be 20% off.

The stores look great, so it's also a nice excuse to come say hello and see what's new at Mint Julep.

See you there!