Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Very Fair Stylish Warning.

Spring is coming here in Boston...its finally unavoidably true.

We all know that the age-old saying: "April showers bring May flowers" is especially true in this New England town. What with the melting temperatures, the beautiful, overabundance of snow will very soon (I hear perhaps even turn into rain, lots and lots of rain. And anyone who has spent a summer here also knows that the rain doesn't really just end with beautiful May flowers (like the gorgeous tulips down Harvard Street in Brookline) but sticks around and makes sure to keep us cool in the summer.

So, on such a sunshine-y day Rachel and I were very pleased here in Cambridge to receive our first shipment of Marimekko umbrellas for these rainy days ahead! Take a look at some of the styles below:::

Marimekko is a really amazing Finnish design company that has basically, like many Scandinavian companies, created a lifestyle with their cute products. The company started in the early fifties as a textile business (think bed linens and dresses that style icon Jackie O made famous) where the owners asked their artist friends to print interesting graphic designs on their textiles in order to show how the cloth could be used. Marimekko pop prints are really associated with the 1960's when the demand and popularity of their styles rose. They also produce all of the bedding for aesthetically pleasing housewares company Crate and Barrel.

So, I think I would like to propose a change in that old saying for now: Spring Showers Bring Marimekko umbrellas! And...needless to say, we can't wait to open up these bright and colorful pop prints on a drizzly Spring day in Boston!

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