Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What's Your Sign?

Being a native Northern Californian, I grew up with the question "what's your sign?" I, personally, am an Aries, I hear I'm supposed to be Adventurous, Dynamic, Quick-Witted and Confident. I guess that I should mention that I'm also supposedly Selfish, Foolhardy, Impatient and a Dare-Devil. Hmmm, so maybe I can pick and choose the traits I wish to embody? Anyway, whether you put any stock in your sign's traits, or not, everyone will love these necklaces with the zodiac signs on them! Danielle Stevens sent us some beautiful Gold Fill necklaces with medallions that have your sign printed on them and adorned with dangling beads meant to represent the birth stones of the months each sign covers. Or, if you're more of a silver gal, take a look at the cameo-inspired Zodiac necklaces from Tashi. The intricately detailed interpretations of each sign's constellation etched in a black pendant are suspended from a delicate sterling silver chain. Both make wonderful birthday gifts! I have seen a lot of Zodiac-inspired jewelry in my day and none so beautiful, delicate and ladylike as these necklaces.

ps - if you're really into meditating on the meaning of your sign, pick up one of Aunt Sadie's calming Green Tea candles decorated with all the Zodiacs.

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