Thursday, May 27, 2010

Leaping for Lavender!

So yesterday was my day off, and in typical girly fashion, my roommates and I went to get our nails done. I usually stay to the warm pinks and subtle nude tones...but in an inspired moment of complete adventure, I grabbed the latest pastel from O.P.I.'s summer collection, called "Rumples Wiggin"...A bright lavendar tone with a cool pink glow. Today, while unpacking the latest goodies from the Mint Julep mailman, I'm finding that pretty purple everywhere...

Here is my fresh mani, the perfect compliment to my new vintage cocktail ring from Pistachio!

This fabulous frock arrived from Milly today...a handmade necklace holds the halter up!

From JPK Paris, the basic bucket bag in a lovely shade of lavender:

An assortment of our basic tees from Velvet, LA Made, Splendid and Alternative Apparel. Perfect for summer layering!

Aunt Sadie's subtle scent for a fresh springtime smell:
And finally, JoJo of Boston's painted shell necklace in a vibrant hue!

Stop in soon to get your own purple pieces wrapped up in a little lavender bag :)
xoxo Cay

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