Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yay! Yay! for CCMA!

Bear with me people while I dork-out for a minute. I just got back from my once-monthly Coolidge Corner Merchants Association (CCMA) meeting and I am PUMPED!!! For starters, the CCMA is getting an award for "business of the year" from the Chamber of Commerce this year. Now, you might say: "but the CCMA isn't a business" and that is true! This is the first time the Chamber has honored a group of businesses instead of an individual and we are all very pleased. Why did we get chosen? Because the CCMA has been putting on fun events in Coolidge Corner for years! Anybody go to "Potterpalooza?" yeah, that was us. But this is not really why I'm pumped (that was just a little back-patting). I am REALLY excited because there is so much fun stuff going on in Coolidge Corner this summer! We are taking a page from the JP book of summer fun and starting a series called the Coolidge Corner Summer Stroll. Businesses in CC will be open late and there will be music on the streets, tasty things to eat and drink and a general air of frivolity and summery-ness (yes, that's a word. I just made it so). Pair those strolls with the annual SIDEWALK SALE and you get one cool place to hang out: COOLIDGE CORNER!!!!
- stay tuned. details on the way!

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