Sunday, July 11, 2010

Calling all Animal Lovers!

My dear friend Brittany Bang opened her dream store, Audrey's, yesterday on Newbury Steet! I'm so proud of her. The store is STUNNING, well stocked and exactly what Back Bay pet owners need. If you're in the area, pop in and stock up on all things pets! Make sure you say hello from the Mint Julep ladies...

From Brittany:

The idea for Audrey’s was born when I moved to a studio apartment on Beacon Street. I was young, single and shacking up with a Bulldog named Audrey. As I walked Audrey along the Charles one morning, I asked a few neighbors where the local pet shop was. There wasn’t one. If I wanted a big bag of food, I’d have to venture over the river to Cambridge.

Audrey and I lived it up in the city for the next few years while I worked in the “real world” for Boston’s famed baseball team and for New England’s favorite ice cream brand. Somewhere in between spring training and scooping ice cream, I got married and added three new pets to my family. Only months after settling into our new Back Bay brownstone, I said, “enough is enough.” I was done with the real world and we were out of dog food again.

Bulk bags of food, home delivery and reliable dog walkers…what more could a city dweller ask for? Welcome to Audrey’s!

296 Newbury Street

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