Friday, January 28, 2011

Love Is in the Air

Valentine's Day is knocking on January's door at MJ! This year, stock up on some thoughtful gifts for the most loyal loves-of-your-life: your girlfriends!! Nothing chases away 'Cupid's blues' like donning a daring color of Hanky Pankys mid-winter ($18). Pucker up with Fada's Pouting Lip Cocktail Ring ($18), to attract some much-deserved attention... For that special sweetheart, an original Candy Heart Necklace from Hannah Blount Jewelry, with the playful phrases: "BE MINE" "LOVE" and "XOXO" in gold and silver ($76). Bring out your sophisticated seductress in these heart-shaped vintage Pistachio studs - only $26! And for yourself, add a pair of Jo Jo's bling to any outfit and perhaps spark up an old flame ($32)...

xoxo Cay <3>

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