Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Solid Case for Emilie Sloan

Small Cosmetic Bag in Raspberry $26
Small Cosmetic Bag in Silverstone $26
Small Cosmetic Bag in Kiwi $26
Large Cosmetic Bag in Sea Glass $30
Large Cosmetic Case in Icy Blue $30
Large Cosmetic Bag in Cranberry $30

The large and small cosmetic cases are available in all patterns seen above. A perfect Mother's Day gift, a wonderful bon voyage present for your on the go friend, or treat yourself to the set!

Emilie Sloan Seattle was founded by a local Seattle woman who was unhappy with the selection of reusable shopping bags available at the local stores. Lisa Murphy, a mother of three and devout seamstress, decided to make her own totes with a couple key principles in mind:

They must:

  • Be stylish
  • Be functional - with pockets, key clasp and lining
  • Have rainproof exterior
  • Not scream - "I'm a reusable grocery tote!"
  • Be able to carry anything from groceries to files from work

While shopping for groceries at her local market, Lisa was asked repeatedly where she got her great tote. Within a couple months, Emilie Sloan came to life and set out to be a leader in quality totes. Emilie Sloan now has several designs of totes—everything from Shopping to Cosmetic Bags, with more totes and fabric designs coming out soon.

The name Emilie Sloan comes from a combination of Lisa's daughters' names, Emilie & Madison Sloan.

As cute as the reusable totes are, we chose to carry the cosmetic cases because customers have been asking for them for ages! Mint Julep has the large and small cosmetic bags in all locations and on www.shopmintjulep.com

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