Saturday, November 1, 2008

They're Baaaack!!

Everyone's Favorite Aunt Sadie's Candle-- Tree in a Can (Pine scent)

Greetings from Ludlow Street on this beautiful sunny Saturday, November 1. It is Steph here posting my very first blog and nothing could be more fitting for me than writing about Tree in a Can. Now, I wouldn't say I ever was a candle person before Aunt Sadie's. Sure, did I think burning a candle at a party or an event was a nice touch? Of course--but I never thought I would do it myself. Maybe it was because I grew up always hearing about the dangers of candles and how they could start major fires if you forgot to blow them out. Or maybe it was just because I wasn't "together enough" to have a home that burned candles on a regular basis (For any of you who have been to Claflin Road over the years--this needs no further explanation). Regardless, I remember about two and a half years ago when I first had an epiphany that I should become a candle person. I was at Hillary Olk Dutcher's (of dbh jewelry fame) engagement party in Wellesly at the lovely home of her in-laws Ray and Peg Dutcher. I went to use the bathroom and much to my delight I walked into a wonderfully aromatic space due to a single candle burning on the sink. What a fabulous idea I thought. When hosting an event where lots of people are going to be using the restroom--why not burn a candle to keep things smelling fresh? I want to do that!

As the holiday season began and we received our order of candles, I became obsessed. There were so many uses all of the sudden for candles in my life. They were the perfect housewarming or party gift. A great pick me up for the senses in the doldrums of the winter. Perfect for dieters who practice "smelling" caloric delicacies instead of eating them. And, they are gender neutral. What man doesn't love a chocolate candle (although they might never admit it)?

This leads me right into the introduction of the biggest candle fan out there-- my very own 65 year old dad. Now, let me preface this with the idea that before we opened Mint Julep over 4 years ago I highly doubt he even knew what a candle was. I'm not sure exactly what it was about the Aunt Sadie's candles that he fell in love with, but he fell and he fell hard. I would often get calls at work from him asking me if we had sold any candles yet and what scents people were buying. When he was happy with that info he would then call to ask if we had gotten any new scents in and what they were. "Can you believe that pine scent Stephie? It smells just like an actual tree!"

When he would come to Boston to visit the stores it was his chance to partake in his favorite activity--the candle game. Now all of our staff and maybe even some of our customers know this game. It consists of Dad asking you to close your eyes, while he holds up a candle to your nose and says "Guess which scent this one is?" He can play this game for hours which always amazes people to say the least because we usually only have 6 scents in stock and our staff is familiar with all of them! Usually by the end of his visit he has me wrap up a few candles in individual bags for him to bring home as "gifts." "Bob!!" my mom always yells. "We don't need any more candles." To which he replies, " I know Judy. These are gifts." That being said, the last time I was at my parent's house these "gifts" still remained intact on the basement stairs.

And so it goes...Aunt Sadie's had managed to turn our family into candle people. Now none of our holidays are complete without one burning a glorious scent. Please stop by and check out our new selection of Aunt Sadie's candles including: chocolate, rosemary, apple pie, gingerbread, pine, and lemonade to name a few. And if you happen to encounter an older man with a moustache asking you to close your eyes and sniff a candle-- don't be afraid--it's just my dad having the time of his life at Mint Julep!

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Anonymous said...

Do they make a candle that smells like Proactive Solution? That would make a great gift.