Thursday, November 20, 2008

I might not freeze this winter after all!

I am very comfortable with my position as the sole Californian at Mint Julep. It is inevitable that I will have to wear more layers, turn the heat higher and look more like a snowman during the next five months than any of the other Juleps. However, Odd Molly has come to my rescue this winter, once again! This year, in addition to their STUNNING ski parkas, they came up with the greatest idea for winter accessories; arm warmers! You know that swing coat or cape you just bought that you now feel you can't wear because it leaves your arms exposed to the frigid East Coast air? Now you can! Just slip these arm or wrist-warmers on your bare arms, or, over your long-sleeved shirt for a splash of color and style that will also keep you nice and toasty on your walk from one place to another! You will certainly see me out and about with them on...that is, if you can see me at all under all my layers! xoxo, Rachel K.

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